Marion Gaborik Scores Again

Those of you know that know me, know I’m a hockey fan. Hello, the boys at the station call me The Hockey Maven when they’re not calling me The Rock Goddess and of course, when they’re not calling me either of those, they’re probably call me The Ill Asian Wind, but I digress. So while I was at the Charlotte Checkers game last night, my DVR was recording an amazing New York Rangers game.
Marion Gaborik who joined the New York Rangers last season has been the reliable scorer for the team. I would say he carried the team in the 2009-2010 season along with goalie Henrik Lundqvist, Many Blueshirt fans and hockey fans wondered how the team would do when Gaborik (aka Gaby) went out early in the season with a shoulder injury, but the Rangers gathered themselves and the goals poured forth from the likes of Ryan Callahan and Brandon Dubinsky. Those 2 are currently out of the lineup now due to injuries.
Gaby went into last night’s game in an 8 game goal drought, but last night changed it all. He returned form as the Gaborik fans of the Rangers loved and loved to watch.

He returned to the Gaborik I loved to watch play. And did I mention, he got a hat trick? It’s his 3rd of the season! Welcome back Gaby! Welcome back!

By the way…the score: Rangers 7, Leafs 0

Watch the video

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