Is It Hockey Season Yet?

Yes, I know that the NFL season just started, but did I mention I DON’T LIKE FOOTBALL? Professional, college, high school, pee wee, pick up games, flag, etc. So I could really care less if it started, and I was probably the only one on the planet praying for a season long lockout.

But hockey…that’s my sport.

The NHL pre-season starts in 2 weeks and I am happily waiting on the edge of my couch for it start.
I have a Twitter list called “All Things Hockey,” and with each passing day, I get more and more excited for the season. (You call follow the list if you’re on Twitter, HERE). Players are updating from their training, coaches, writers, teams, and so on are talking about the new season and it cannot come fast enough!
Once the season starts, hockey fans will be able to get answers to some burning questions:

Willl the Red Wings make it the playoffs again?

Will Sydney Crosby play in the first games or will his concussion keep him off the ice. (Press conference with Mr. Crosby tomorrrow)

Will Brad Richards play a key role in getting the NY Rangers into & keeping them playoffs?

Will the Capitals be able to make it further into the play offs than they have been in the last 2 years?
Is this the Fliers year to win it all?

Can Kovalchuk shake off all the bad from last year’s hyped $117 million signing and will the Devil’s keep a coach all season?

I think the teams/players to look for coming out of the gate are:
Tampa Bay Lightning – Steve Stamkos
Philiadelphia Fliers – Ilya Bryzgalov
Nashville Predators – Shea Weber
Detroit Red Wings – Niklas Lidstrom

And of course, I’m rooting for Detroit & the Rangers.
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