5 Things You Need to Know About NHL’s Sidney Crosby Injury

1. He missed almost 11 months because of a concussion from a pair of hits in back to back games. (last January to November)

2. He returned to the 2011-12 season and now has been out since Dec 5th

3. He not only suffered a concussion from the games in #1 but a neck injury as well as diagnosed by Dr. Robert S. Bray, a neurological spine specialist in Los Angeles. Dr Bray is reporting that the neck injury is fully healed.

4. Penguins GM, Ray Shero, has been quoted that there is a chance that Sidney could play in Pittsburgh on Saturday

5. Crosby is one of several players who have been sidelined with concussions. Others include fellow teammate, Kris Letang, Philadelphia Flyers Danny Briere (the 6th player to get suffer on the Flyers team – Matt Read, Brayden Schenn, Chris Pronger, James van Riemsdyk, and Claude Giroux). The list goes on…


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