The Remedy

I’ve had a day. Not a terrible day but a day…so busy with a to do list growing by the minute that I almost broke down in tears. I don’t like leaving work with loose ends, but I’ve also come to realize that there are things beyond my control so I just suck it up and leave the office.

Today, I knew I would be leaving and that my favorite remedy for stress would let me forget about the world for 2.5 hours.


I could sit in an freezing arena and watch grown men on razor thin blades, chase frozen vulcanized rubber across frozen water with wooden sticks.

This is my favorite way to take the edge of long day off.

The smell of ice, the sound of blades cutting into fresh ice, the tink of a puck hitting the pipes, the whack of stick, the crush of a body into the boards, the sound of the horn, the cheer of the fans, the collective gasp of a missed goal or a glove save…this is what hockey is.

This is the perfect way to escape from the world if I can’t be on an island…


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