2014 Stanley Cup Predictions

Stanley Cup Playoff time…one of my favorite times of the year.

Here are my predictions for the Stanley Cup Playoff run.

I’ll do two brackets: One that is my fantasy bracket as if I controlled the world and one that is my let’s look at the facts and figures of the season, players, etc bracket.

I’m not a professional in the world of hockey so yeah, my feelings as a fan of hockey does weigh in.

Fantasy Bracket (comments on why):
East Round One:
BOS-DET: Detroit in 6 (I’m a Wings fan, in Fantasy world, they win everything.)
TBL-MTL: Tampa in 5 (This is for one of my besties. I can’t pick against her team.)
PIT-CBJ: Columbus in 7 (I hate Crosby.)
NYR-PHI: New York in 6 (I’m also a Rangers fan, again in Fantasy world, they win everything.)

East Round Two:
DET-TBL: Detroit in 7 (Gotta pull for my favorite team over my friends.)
CBJ-NYR: New York in 5 (See above note)

East Round Three:
DET-NYR: New York in 6 (As a fan of both teams, I would love to see this match up. Either could win and I’d be a happy fan, but I think NYR’s 4 Line is stronger than DET’s “Kid Line”)

West Round One:
COL-MIN: Colorado in 5 (I just love Colorado’s can do, we got this attitude.)
STL-CHI: St. Louis in 6 (I dislike Chicago)
ANA-DAL: Dallas in 7 (Tyler Sequin, my superstar fantasy hockey player. He saved my ass more than once.)
SJS-LAK: San Jose in 7 (No specific fantasy bracket reason for this one.)

West Round Two:
COL-STL: Colorado in 7 (See above for Colorado.)
DAL-SJS: Dallas in 5 (See above for Dallas.)

West Round Three:
COL-DAL: Colorado in 6 (Seriously, their attitude. Why not us?)

East vs West for the Cup:
NYR-COL: New York in 6 (I’m a Rangers fan, duh.)

Honest To Goodness Bracket (comments if any):
East Round One:
BOS-DET: Boston in 7 (I’m a Wings fan and even if we beat Boston 3 out 4 games in the season, I do believe it will be a miracle to come out of Round 1 alive)
TBL-MTL: Tampa in 6
PIT-CBJ: Pittsburg in 5 (I’d almost say the Pens would sweep, but Columbus has some fight in them and I respect that.)
NYR-PHI: New York in 6 (This will be a tough battle. Philly is a gritty and dirty team. I am so freaking excited for this match up of all the match ups in the first round.)

East Round Two:
BOS-TBL: Tampa in 7 (As hard as Boston plays, Tampa has that underdog spirit and with Stamkos healthy, I think he’s hungrier than ever for a Cup.)
PIT-NYR: New York in 7 (Again, this will be a tough battle, but I think the Rangers will find a way to knock the Pens out by the skin of their teeth. They’ve been kicked out of the playoffs one too many times and I don’t think this year they’ll go down without a war.)

East Round Three:
TBL-NYR: New York in 5

West Round One:
COL-MIN: Colorado in 5 (I just like Colorado’s team this year.)
STL-CHI: Chicago in 7
ANA-DAL: Dallas in 7
SJS-LAK: San Jose in 7

West Round Two:
COL-CHI: Colorado in 7
DAL-SJS: San Jose in 5

West Round Three:
COL-SJS: Chicago in 6

East vs West for the Cup:
NYR-CHI: New York in 7 (by the skin of their teeth)


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