Updated: 2014 Stanley Cup Predictions

It’s the calm before the storm…aka the night before the Stanley Cup Finals start.


If you read my previous 2014 Stanley Cup Predictions, you know I had NYR winning against COL in my Fantasy Bracket and had NYR winning against CHI in my Honest to Goodness Bracket (reality bracket).

I remember when I posted the bracket in my office, a coworker said “NYR all the way. You’re nuts. Did you pick them because you’re a fan?”

As I said in the previous post, I’m not a professional in the world of hockey so yeah, my feelings as a fan of hockey does weigh in. In my Fantasy Bracket, absolutely picked them to go all the way because I’m a fan and like the 4th line over the “kid line” of DET. In my Honest to Goodness Bracket, I picked them to go all the way because there’s something about the team this year that’s the “little engine that could” that I have been impressed with all season and that’s even when they were at their worst. There was just this flame that though it dimmed it never burned out.

I still fill that way today.

It will be a tough road, but I believe the New York Rangers will take the Stanley Cup this year. It’s their time.

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