Australia vs. Hockey

2016-17 hockey season goal…write more about it even though it’s a sport that most Aussies scratch their heads at. I understand though, their love of cricket makes me want to poke toothpicks into my eyes. 

I don’t have the NHL Center Ice package here for 2 reasons, that $300 bucks for the year needs to be going towards any visa costs I may incure and the internet connection seems about 1 step above a sloth running in a hamster wheel (slow).

I spent most of the 2015-16 season listening to radio broadcasts as my way to stay in touch with the game. I’ll do the same this season.

Excitement for the new season is beyond describable. First year without The Magic Man for the Wings (😭), Shea Weber isn’t with the Preds, Subban isn’t with the Habs, and so much more. It may be preseason but it’s lit the fire to bring on October and the insanity that is hockey!

I love Australia but damn I miss hockey.

VIDEO: Ovechkin Shatters Lens on Goal Camera

Watch Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals shatter the lens of the goalie camera with one shot.

For those who aren’t hockey fans, watch the bottom left of the video. Ovechkin is #8 in red and drives one home past the  Edmonton Oilers goalie.