Updated: 2014 Stanley Cup Predictions

It’s the calm before the storm…aka the night before the Stanley Cup Finals start.


If you read my previous 2014 Stanley Cup Predictions, you know I had NYR winning against COL in my Fantasy Bracket and had NYR winning against CHI in my Honest to Goodness Bracket (reality bracket).

I remember when I posted the bracket in my office, a coworker said “NYR all the way. You’re nuts. Did you pick them because you’re a fan?”

As I said in the previous post, I’m not a professional in the world of hockey so yeah, my feelings as a fan of hockey does weigh in. In my Fantasy Bracket, absolutely picked them to go all the way because I’m a fan and like the 4th line over the “kid line” of DET. In my Honest to Goodness Bracket, I picked them to go all the way because there’s something about the team this year that’s the “little engine that could” that I have been impressed with all season and that’s even when they were at their worst. There was just this flame that though it dimmed it never burned out.

I still fill that way today.

It will be a tough road, but I believe the New York Rangers will take the Stanley Cup this year. It’s their time.


2014 Stanley Cup Predictions

Stanley Cup Playoff time…one of my favorite times of the year.

Here are my predictions for the Stanley Cup Playoff run.

I’ll do two brackets: One that is my fantasy bracket as if I controlled the world and one that is my let’s look at the facts and figures of the season, players, etc bracket.

I’m not a professional in the world of hockey so yeah, my feelings as a fan of hockey does weigh in.

Fantasy Bracket (comments on why):
East Round One:
BOS-DET: Detroit in 6 (I’m a Wings fan, in Fantasy world, they win everything.)
TBL-MTL: Tampa in 5 (This is for one of my besties. I can’t pick against her team.)
PIT-CBJ: Columbus in 7 (I hate Crosby.)
NYR-PHI: New York in 6 (I’m also a Rangers fan, again in Fantasy world, they win everything.)

East Round Two:
DET-TBL: Detroit in 7 (Gotta pull for my favorite team over my friends.)
CBJ-NYR: New York in 5 (See above note)

East Round Three:
DET-NYR: New York in 6 (As a fan of both teams, I would love to see this match up. Either could win and I’d be a happy fan, but I think NYR’s 4 Line is stronger than DET’s “Kid Line”)

West Round One:
COL-MIN: Colorado in 5 (I just love Colorado’s can do, we got this attitude.)
STL-CHI: St. Louis in 6 (I dislike Chicago)
ANA-DAL: Dallas in 7 (Tyler Sequin, my superstar fantasy hockey player. He saved my ass more than once.)
SJS-LAK: San Jose in 7 (No specific fantasy bracket reason for this one.)

West Round Two:
COL-STL: Colorado in 7 (See above for Colorado.)
DAL-SJS: Dallas in 5 (See above for Dallas.)

West Round Three:
COL-DAL: Colorado in 6 (Seriously, their attitude. Why not us?)

East vs West for the Cup:
NYR-COL: New York in 6 (I’m a Rangers fan, duh.)

Honest To Goodness Bracket (comments if any):
East Round One:
BOS-DET: Boston in 7 (I’m a Wings fan and even if we beat Boston 3 out 4 games in the season, I do believe it will be a miracle to come out of Round 1 alive)
TBL-MTL: Tampa in 6
PIT-CBJ: Pittsburg in 5 (I’d almost say the Pens would sweep, but Columbus has some fight in them and I respect that.)
NYR-PHI: New York in 6 (This will be a tough battle. Philly is a gritty and dirty team. I am so freaking excited for this match up of all the match ups in the first round.)

East Round Two:
BOS-TBL: Tampa in 7 (As hard as Boston plays, Tampa has that underdog spirit and with Stamkos healthy, I think he’s hungrier than ever for a Cup.)
PIT-NYR: New York in 7 (Again, this will be a tough battle, but I think the Rangers will find a way to knock the Pens out by the skin of their teeth. They’ve been kicked out of the playoffs one too many times and I don’t think this year they’ll go down without a war.)

East Round Three:
TBL-NYR: New York in 5

West Round One:
COL-MIN: Colorado in 5 (I just like Colorado’s team this year.)
STL-CHI: Chicago in 7
ANA-DAL: Dallas in 7
SJS-LAK: San Jose in 7

West Round Two:
COL-CHI: Colorado in 7
DAL-SJS: San Jose in 5

West Round Three:
COL-SJS: Chicago in 6

East vs West for the Cup:
NYR-CHI: New York in 7 (by the skin of their teeth)