A Lesson in Kindness and Helping Another Reach a Goal

An oldie but goodie.

Even at a young age, you see the kindness that is created in a hockey player.

This is from the 2013 Special Hockey International, a non competitive tournament but a tournament for young people with a variety of special needs, and it offers a somewhat Olympic feel for the participants, complete with opening and closing ceremonies.

The video was recorded at a Guelph Giants hockey game and it’s just awesome.



Confessions of The Hockey Maven

Confession, for the 2013-14 Season, I didn’t pay nearly as much attention to hockey as I should have. As much as I love the sport and as much as it comforts me to forget the outside world for 2 hours or so, I just didn’t keep up. Bad headspace and laziness.

I was living in Detroit and it’s known as HOCKEYTOWN yet I couldn’t find myself to get too excited about the season. I had people who could talk hockey with me, but still couldn’t find the energy to talk about it.

I don’t know why last year was a year of “I don’t care” but it was.

As the 2014-15 Season rolls around, I realized I miss this sport in my life. I also realized I did not follow the off season at all. I look at the roster and the training camp roster and sigh “when did we get that guy?” You might not think it matters, but when you’re setting up your Fantasy Hockey draft, it’s a huge difference.

Examples: I know the Rangers bought out Brad Richards contract, but when did Chicago pick up him up? (Yes, I must have been living under a rock of “I don’t care.”) Why did the Red Wings sign Clearly to another contract and when did the Rangers pick up Ryan Malone?

This year, I’m excited again. I even joined 4 fantasy leagues. Something I will knowingly regret about mid-season. Just 7 more days…and the madness beings.