5 Things You Need to Know About NHL’s Sidney Crosby Injury

1. He missed almost 11 months because of a concussion from a pair of hits in back to back games. (last January to November)

2. He returned to the 2011-12 season and now has been out since Dec 5th

3. He not only suffered a concussion from the games in #1 but a neck injury as well as diagnosed by Dr. Robert S. Bray, a neurological spine specialist in Los Angeles. Dr Bray is reporting that the neck injury is fully healed.

4. Penguins GM, Ray Shero, has been quoted that there is a chance that Sidney could play in Pittsburgh on Saturday

5. Crosby is one of several players who have been sidelined with concussions. Others include fellow teammate, Kris Letang, Philadelphia Flyers Danny Briere (the 6th player to get suffer on the Flyers team – Matt Read, Brayden Schenn, Chris Pronger, James van Riemsdyk, and Claude Giroux). The list goes on…


5 Things You Need to Know About the Detroit Red Wings vs Montreal Canadiens Game on Jan 25th

1. The Detroit Red Wings entered the game on a 7-Game winning streak, but fell 7 to 2 against the Canadiens.

2. Montreal scored four goals in their first eleven shots against Jimmy Howard

3. Montreal’s Alexei Emelin scored his first NHL goal

4. Wings #2 goalie, Ty Conklin, replaced Howard after the first intermission

5. Babcock was quoted saying: “I’m not going to look at video on this at all. I’m going to go have a drink, actually, is what I’m going to do. “We were awful; I don’t know what else to tell you. We were that bad, but the night’s over with, and thank God. The clock couldn’t run fast enough. Let’s move on.”

A Lot of Noise Over Nothing

So this week in hockey (and it’s only Wednesday), there has been a lot of noise made over a lot of nothing in my opinion.

In my opinion, who cares. Tim Thomas’ views on politics have no impact on how he plays his game. The thing about being an American, is that we have a right to choose, and as Tim Thomas said in his statement, he exercised this right. How ever he stands in politics is his opinion, but I do give him props for standing up and making a choice.

Background for those living under a rock: Ovie was suspended for 3 games on a hit against Pens’ Michalek during the 2nd period of the Caps/Pens game on Sunday. Shanahan ruled that since Ovie left his feet, made contact with the head, & is a repeat offender, he deserved to sit out 3 games. Caps GM McPhee and Ovie are disappointed in the ruling.
Ovie stated he didn’t feel like he didn’t deserve to be at the All Star Game.
Let the man be. If that’s truly how he feels, let him spend the break thinking about his suspension or partying like a rock star. Again, he’s exercising a choice and standing by it.

In actual hockey news…as in this shit matters:

Congratulations to Mathieu Perreault for his first NHL Hat Trick

and see Ovechkin’s prank on Perreault