WATCH: Stamkos’ End to End Goal

The NHL Playoffs have started and Day 1 of the First Round did not disappoint.
Check out Tampa Bay Lightning’s Steven Stamkos’ end to end goal. Eventually the Lightning would lose to the Montreal Canadiens at the 18:08 mark of overtime by a goal from Canadiens’ Dale Weise


5 Things You Need to Know: 10.01.13 Opening Night Hockey Recap

1. It’s OFFICIALLY hockey season.

2. George Parros hits the ice face first during a fight with Colton Orr.

3. The final scores of the three opening games were:
     – Toronto Maple Leafs beat the Montreal Canadiens on home ice :: 4 to 3
     – Chicago Blackhawks win on home ice against the Washington Capitals :: 6 – 4
     – Winnipeg Jets beat the Edmonton Oilers on home ice :: 5 – 4

4. Martin St Louis was named the 9th Captain for Tampa Bay Lightning with Matt Carle, Steven Stamkos, and Nate Thompson named as alternate captains. St Louis replaces Vincent Lecavalier who signed with the Philadelphia Flyers after Tampa used one of their compliance buyouts.

5. The Chicago Blackhawks raised their 5th Stanley Cup Banner

Luke Gadzic of the Edmonton Oilers scored his first NHL goal.
Added this because I met this kid when he played for the Texas Stars (AHL) and it’s always good to see the young guns score in the big league. He’s also a nice fella.

Play Like You Want to Win

Last night during the Flyers/Lightning game there was what I would call “wait and see and stand around on the ice” moment when the Flyers in possession and control of the puck just hung out in their zone. Kind of standing there like, come get me.

Twitter blew up with tweets about it, blogs are being written about it (like this one), announcers commented, and so on.Things that were being thrown out on the interwebs (yes, I know that’s slang) was NHL needs a shot clock, it needs this, it needs that.

It doesn’t need any of that.

Shame on the Lightning for skating around like a bunch of figure skaters too delicate to attack. They did win in OT, but how bad was that win wanted if you are just going to stand there and try to stare down your opponent.

Congrats to the Flyers for seeing what their opponent was worth. They saw that the Lightning weren’t hungry enough to go after them.

Hockey isn’t standing around like basketball and watch a bouncing a ball. It’s fast moving and attacking. There should never be a moment when the player gets to stand in the middle of the ice going what next. The only place you should be able to stand is behind the goalie as your line changes and even that’s not too long.

There, that’s my 2 cents.
Shoot the puck!
~The Hockey Maven